Masai Mara

One of the highlights of our African adventure thus far has undoubtedly been the two nights we spent in the Masai Mara at Serien Camp – hidden away in the corner of the North Conservancy over looking the Mara River. A cracking chap I played hockey with at University invited us to stay at the camp for some recuperation and a comfy bed – a much welcomed change to the roof tent!

After arriving mid afternoon we were greeted with warm towels and an open bar (well stocked with Gilbey’s Gin) before being shown to the secluded lodges, overlooking the Mara River and a large pod of hippos.


Over the three days we did two morning game drives that involved waking up at 5:30, with less than 4 hours sleep and a ‘slight’ headache. The wildlife was remarkable – and any lasting effects from the Amarula and G&T’s the previous night were soon forgotten watching the sunrise over the endless plains.

While I could try to describe the breathtaking scenery and wildlife we saw in the Mara, I am going to simply bow to the phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and show you a selection of my favourite photos.


The photos truly don’t do the experiences justice – it was simply astonishing to see such a variety of wildlife in such a short period of time. We had the park to ourselves – only seeing 5 other cars during the three days. Above is a team photo, taken just before leaving the comforts of the lodge, with Fred our host.

2 thoughts on “Masai Mara

  1. Hi everyone, just caught up will your blog over past month or so. Absolutely amazing photos and script. The adventure seems to have surpassed all expectations. So pleased for you Ben considering the planning an effort. You must consider doing some type of presentation which can be professionally marketed for future university graduates. See you in a few weeks. Best, Roger


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