Day 2 – Cairo

After arriving in darkness we woke up in Maryanne’s farm surrounded by animals. She has 20+ horses, 20+goats, 10+ dogs, hens, budgies, donkeys…… ! She works for a charity she founded supporting animals in local villages by providing low cost treatments such as worming etc. We got a ride on a donkey cart to and from the clinic, and were met loads of wonderful smiles along the way.

After returning from the clinic we then repacked Melvin and stuck on the various vinyls we had created for our adventure, and pumped up the tyres – Melvin was ready to go!


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One thought on “Day 2 – Cairo

  1. Good to know the LR arrived in one piece and that you are on your way – all the best. Could I suggest that you stick to your one rule from now? Oh, and is your trip 20k miles or 10k kms? No need to worry on either account – its a long way!


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